1. not a ginger to be seen…

    So Ive been in Dublin for 2 whole days now. In that time three major myths about Ireland have been dispelled. First of all, there are little to no gingers here, second, the bars close at 2 and there is no open container law, and third, everyone here hates Guinnes. How dissapointing. What isnt disapointing, however, has been my time here. On the first day of our trip I stumbled into an old friend in the Guinnes brewery, probably the most likely of places to see another American in Dublin, and weve been hanging out with her since. Its nice to seea familiar face, and having a group of four (shes traveling with her cousin and I with Paul) to counter the four losers that left us for London has made our time more worthwhile. Irelenad is not at all what I imagined. Its almost summer here, and It feels like late fall. The sun does not go down until 11pm, which makes guaging time and/or sleeping quite difficult. Tomorrow is supposed to be torrential downpours, so it looks like it will be a video game / local match / local bar day.

    Anyways, much to accomplish before we leave on Tuesday, afterwhich the trip will actually begin!

    till then, cheers

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