1. happy chiri?

    so Bethany, this yinzer whos still madly in love with despite the fact that I remind her of the two biggest dorks on TV (care to guess who?) wont stop nagging me (her finest talent) to keep this bog going, because clearly my life is soooo interesting. Anyway, my studio has been done for a week now and my liver has been suffering the consequences. I shouldnt brag too much because despite my studio’s demise, there is two more weeks left of school and everyone else is still working. So to fill the void in my life that studio and or Bethany usually fills, I’ve been updating my portfolio for the ever-approaching real world, and paying way to much attention to my students studio projects (who against all odds have terrific projects). So I guess you can say my life has been pretty epic and will continue to be so until another inevitable studio comes my way.

    As I learned in undergrad: enjoy the high times, because the the fall is always around the corner…

    happy birthday Dad

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